I have an addiction to notebooks

You know that moment when you are walking around in a store and there is a whole rack filled with lovely notebooks, and you just have to have one, so you buy one, but then you get home and after you stared at it for a minute and ran your hand over the the beautiful cover, you realize you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to write in them, so you decide to put it away with all the other amazing (empty) notebooks you already have until you find something useful to do with it? Yes? So do I… Most times I don’t find a useful purpose for them and I end up giving them away or doodling in them.

But, recently, I started experimenting with writing my own patterns, and instead of using draft paper all the time, I decided to finally put one of those beauties to good use. So I chose this notebook, that I am totally in love with, out of the pile, blew the dust off the cover and got started.