My crochet journey: then and now

Hello people, because I haven’t been able to finish any projects in the past two weeks, I decided to write a little blogpost about how I started to crochet and how much progress I have made since then.
I would also want to apologize for being horribly inactive the past two weeks and skipping not one, but two ‘Share it Sundays’. Sorry!

Anyway, let’s start. Here we have a picture of two amigurumis, a piggy and a bear.

The first one, is my very first (finished) crochet project. The bear is one of my more recent ones. I worked days and days on that little pig and got awfully frustrated with everything. I might have said some of the following things: “how the heck do you read a pattern”, “my stitches are always too loose or too tight.. Why?!”, “this crochet hook keeps slipping out of my hand.”, “I CAN’T DO THIS, I’M A FAILURE.”
Maybe I exaggerated a little on that last one. Even so, I think a lot of you, crocheters, recognize these problems ;-). When I finished it, I was still very proud of myself for pulling it off.
The bear went a lot faster. Crocheting comes a lot easier to me now, and I don’t even need to think about tight or loose stitches anymore. In the beginning I only knew these stitches: single crochet (dc for UK), slip stitch and how to decrease. Now, I know every type of stitch in the book! And I didn’t even follow a pattern for the bear, I created my own! (Which you can find here)

That made me realize how far I have gotten since I started working on that little pig. And it truly amazes me.

But, where did I even get the idea of crocheting a pig? Well, this is how it all started:

On New Year’s Eve, I received a present from my aunt, who is also my godmother. She has always liked to give me things to craft. Her daughter, my cousin, was really into crocheting amigurumi, so that is where she got the idea. She gave me a box that contained everything I needed to get started on my first amigurumi. It contained yarn, a crochet hook, felt, fiber filling, a sewing needle and embroidery. It also had a little pattern book.the box contained all the things I needed for the two first projects in the book. I was really excited and got started immediately on the first project, a goldfish. But, even with the help of my mother, I got so frustrated that I put it away a day later and searched the book for an easier pattern. (I remade the goldfish a few weeks ago, I was in shock of how easy it is now). Then, I found a pattern for a little pig. It looked quite easy to me, because it was basically just a big ball with two small legs and arms and a pair of ears. After all that hard work I finished it, and was so proud.
After that I was hooked on crochet and there was no turning back for me!