Timmy, the blue owl.

 Hello there! I’ve been busy, working on multiple projects at once, studying, etc. But now I have the time to post about this little guy that I made a few weeks ago.

 His name is Timmy, and he is just adorable. This is the first amigurumi owl that I’ve ever made, which is surprising because owls are so popular nowadays, and he even winks!

As always, you can make your own by following the original pattern, Jip the owl. Links are at the bottom of this blog post.

The only thing I did different, is that I used a darker blue yarn and did not add little crosses as details, because I personally thought he looked finished like this (or maybe I’m just lazy). The pattern is not hard and you can make it surprisingly quick! I followed the Dutch pattern, and enjoyed it very much.

Now, enjoy some pictures 😉









And there you go, that’s Timmy. If you would like to make your own owl, you can find the English pattern here and the Dutch pattern here.   See you next time!