Silly Penguins, the very beginning of my amigurumi obsession

I made these three little penguins back when I just started crocheting. I wasn’t very experienced, for instance, I didn’t weave in my ends, which you can see in the picture.

  But, still, they are very precious to me. They were the first amigurumis that I was really proud of. They were also the start of my addiction (you can tell because I made three and not just one). Before them, I didn’t crochet all that much, but then I had so much fun making them and if I had more different colors of yarn (back then I used my mother’s scraps), I think I would have made even more.

So, that’s when I started using yarn from my mother’s stash to make all kinds of little animals, that was the moment I really got hooked on crochet.


You’ve got to admit, even though I was just beginning and was doing all kinds of things wrong, they are still pretty darn cute 😉