Sandy the Seal

Hello everyone! Meet little Sandy 

I finished this little one three weeks ago, but did not get around to posting anything about him yet!


This pattern, originally called ‘Sammy the Seal’, is just so irresistible. I saw it and immediately gathered my yarn and hook to make one. I personally think it’s one of the most adorable amigurumis I have ever made. I had a little trouble with sewing on the tail (as you maybe can see), I was little tired and in a hurry. I did manage to make it look a little better after I took these pictures, but it isn’t perfect. That doesn’t make me love it any less, though!

I had some fun taking these pictures, as you can see 😉

The pattern for this amazingly adorable seal can be found on Little Muggles: right here, next to a ton of other lovely patterns! I hope you have as much fun making these as me.


Have a lovely day!


Busy, busy, busy

So much to do! And almost no time for crochet 😦
Still, I take every chance I get at crocheting and I have a lot of things on my hook. I thought I would show you all some works in progress!

This one is almost finished! And it is adorable, I can’t wait to show you how he turned out.

 (Owl) granny squares??

 Can you guess what these are?

Or this?

Also, yesterday I received a late birthday present from a friend: 8 patterns and some gift cards for a yarn store!!! I am over the moon, and the patterns are so cute, I can’t wait to show you!