Busy, busy, messy, messy


I know I have not been very good at posting updates this summer, my apologies. The thing is, my head is overflowing with new ideas, and I keep starting new projects, but I don’t finish the old ones first.

And now I’m working on about 8 projects at the same time!

On top of that, I’m doing all of them on the same desk. Just so you can imagine how messy that gets, here is a picture: 

  At the same time, I’m writing down ideas for all sorts of other things as well, and it is really getting out of hand. Next week, it’s back to school for me, and I am trying to finish as many things as I can!

But hey, we have all been there before, right?

I wanted to write a little post to let you know I’m still alive. Today is a really rainy day outside and I’m feeling a little sick, so tea and crochet are definitely on today’s schedule!

Also, you may have spotted Bina the Bear in that picture. A post about her will be up soon as well 🙂