Amigurumi Vampire (Free Pattern)


Halloween is less than a week away, so I am (finally) releasing my free vampire pattern! Again, this pattern is available in Dutch and English.


I hope you love it, I hope you share it, and I hope you send me pictures of your lovely creations!

This time, I’ll be doing it a little differently. I’m using a PDF file, because I had some difficulty editing long posts with the previous patterns I have released. This way I also don’t have to make two different blog posts for the English and Dutch version. You can find both links below.

!!!Pattern updated on 15/03/16. Corrected some minor mistakes and one big mistake, somehow, the last few rows of the hair were not described in the pattern. I’m not sure how that happened, but I fixed it, I apologize it took so long.

English Amigurumi Vampire Pattern:

Vampire amigurumi

Nederlands Amigurumi Vampier Patroon:

Vampiertje NL


There you go, I hope you enjoy this pattern!