(Not yet finished) Zebra!


I made this zebra a month ago, but the reason why I did not post about him yet, is because he isn’t finished. What zebra does not have any hair? Right? I needed to go and get some fuzzy yarn to crochet his manes.

Now, it’s a month later and he still is not finished. So, yeah.. 

Anyway, I am very happy with this zebra in the end. I got this pattern from a little book I bought. It was very unclear and not user-friendly. There were barely any pictures. There was no structure. It went like this:

‘Row 1: …… Row 2:………….Row 3:………………….. Row 4:…………….Row 5: …………….’

Instead of:

‘Row 1

Row 2

Row 3’
You can imagine it was very confusing.

Now, I’m complaining a lot about the pattern, but that does not mean it’s horrible. The pattern is great, the lay-out just is not. You might curse a few times, realize you missed a row somewhere and that you have to do it again, but after all, this zebra is really cute and an excellent toy to give away!

You can find the pattern online (English version). I don’t know if that version is as unclear as the one I have, so you might be in luck. It was created by the talented Christel Krukkert. You can find all of her patterns in Dutch, English and German.

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