Oleg the Octopus

Number three of my Lalylala dolls!

This is Oleg the octopus:

He is actually the second Lalylala doll I made, but I decided to give him some embellishments and ended up finishing him after Lupo the Lamb. This is what he looked like before I decorated him:

I felt like he was too plain, so I embroidered on him.

This doll was the most work out of the three, because of all of his tentacles, but I loved making them.

He is the biggest doll I have ever made and I’m very glad with how he turned out.

His pattern can be found here. Lalylala’s patterns are very clear and user-friendly, but they are not free. There is a page on her website called ‘minis and mods’ where you can find some free patterns based off Lalylala dolls.