Friendly Monsters

Hello hello!
I present to you: my Friendly Monsters.

I’ve been working on these little monsters for a while. I found this really cute, bulky yarn in neon colors and immediately decided I wanted to make cute, colorful monsters. They were made with a 4mm hook, the biggest hook I have ever used for amigurumis, and didn’t make them too big. They were all made with the same basic pattern for the body and arms. This picture might give you a better idea of their size:
 I absolutely love the texture of this bulky yarn, I think it definitely adds to the cuteness of these monsters. I also think that they would be excellent gifts for small children or babies (preferably made without plastic eyes, of course), they have an excellent shape to be made into rattles.

This one is the first monster I made and I adore this color-combination, it’s my favorite combination out of the four. He is the original pattern, basic body, arms, eyes and horns.

 This one, I had the most fun with. When you make a group of different creatures, there always has to be a silly one. I love the striped pattern   with these two colors together.

I just had to make one with only one eye. I also gave him four horns instead of two, to switch it up. I do have to fix that nasty color-change on his arm there, oof.

This one was definitely the trickiest. I didn’t have a plan beforehand where I wanted the spots, I just went with it. I accidentally sewed on his arms a little higher up, I didn’t mean to, but now I don’t really mind it. I was not too happy with his mouth and horns either, but he is my little misfit and I love him just as much as the rest of them!

I designed these monsters myself, and I am so proud! They are some of my favorite creations. I am not putting up the pattern for now, I’m not sure whether I want to share it, it also needs a little work, still, but if you are interested in making a friendly monster, let me know and maybe I will consider it! 🙂