Kevin the Koala


Last month I got two new amigurumi books as presents, one of them is Kerry Lord’s Edward’s Menagerie.


I quickly decided I wanted to make the pattern for “Samuel the Koala” first, because he looked so adorable.

Time and exams got in the way and I ended up not writing a blogpost on him right after he was finished, so, here it is.

This is my Koala, Kevin. His ears are positioned a little higher on his head than they are with most koalas, but that’s okay.

I had fun making this koala, the patterns in Edward’s Menagerie are clear, easy to follow and easy to remember since the base of each pattern is the same. This allows you to make multiple animals in no time. I absolutely adore Kerry Lord’s patterns now, they are truly addictive and I know I’ll be making a lot more of them.