Jessie the Raccoon

One of the two amigurumis that I made as Christmas presents is this one, Jessie.

This raccoon was made with Kerry Lord’s pattern from her book, Edward’s menagerie.

This amigurumi’s face called for some complicated colour changing, and, afterwards, I had to clean it up a little with a sewing needle and some yarn, to make it look more even. In the end it looks just like I wanted it to look, and I’m very proud of it!

From the back you have a good view on the tail, which was made using the loop stitch. I made the tail a little smaller than the pattern, only because I felt it was too big a tail for a raccoon.

I’m very pleased with the end result, I think he looks adorable. This pattern is not free, if you want to make it yourself, you will have to buy Kerry Lord’s book. However, on the TOFT Alpaca Webshop you can buy some of the patterns from her book individually!

2 thoughts on “Jessie the Raccoon

  1. Henrietta Kovács says:

    Please can you help me with the pattern? I have te book, but I think there is some mistake in my hungarian edition. 😦
    I have problem with the head of the racoon, because the 13. row is false. Please can you write, the 13? Thanks! Heni

    • Hi Heni, this is row 13:
      dc4, dc2tog, dc3 Medium, dc2, dc2tog, dc5 Light, dc2tog, dc5, dc2tog, dc5, dc2tog Medium, dc3, dc2tog, dc3 Light.

      The book uses UK terminology, so dc=double crochet=single crochet in U.S. terms!

      I hope this helps, I had some difficulties when making it as well. If you end up with any uneven parts in the end, you can use a needle and sew a little extra yarn on there, to make it look more even.

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