Cookie Monster cookie jar

Crocheting gifts is one of my favourite things to do, and this year I am going to try to give a crocheted present to each member of my family (2 parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters) on their birthday.

My birthday is always the first of the year (January 13th), but my father’s birthday is only a week later.

I knew making a gift for my father would not be an easy task. I started browsing the internet weeks in advance, but could not find a single project my father would be interested in. Only days before, I was looking for ideas to decorate jars and came across crocheted jar lid covers. I looked a little bit further on that subject and finally saw a picture of this project. A jar filled with chocolate chip cookies, decorated with a crocheted cookie monster jar lid cover.


I knew my big goofball of a father would love this gift. I made heart-friendly chocolate chipped cookies using this recipe and crocheted the cover. I glued the cover to the lid and sewed the eyes onto it.

I ended up giving him two jars and I decorated the second one with a cute tag.

He loved it, both the cookies and the jar. Mission accomplished!


Fibi the Fox


It’s me again, with a blogpost about my fourth Lalylala doll!

When I first received a couple of Lalylala patterns last year, Fibi the fox was the first one I wanted to make. However, fox hair has a very particular colour and I noticed it was hard finding a colour I thought was right for a fox. During the holidays I finally decided to just go for it and bought two skeins of this orange-y yarn.

Not long after that, I finished Fibi. Here she is:


Just like with the previous lalylala patterns I made, I had a lot of fun making this fox and she is a great addition to my collection!


Fibi’s scarf in the original pattern is knitted, but I decided to make it differently. I found some gorgeous, leftover yarn from my mother’s stash and crocheted it into this cute scarf. I created the knitted v-look by doing half double crochets in the back loops of every stitch.


I absolutely love how she turned out. Making Lalylala dolls never gets old for me!

If you want to make your own Fibi, check out Lalylala’s website, there are so many dolls to choose from. However, the patterns are not free.

If you’d rather not spend money on a pattern, there is also a page on the website called ‘minis & mods‘ where you can find free patterns based of Lalylala patterns, but created by other people!

Long Chunky Spotted Scarf


I’m here with another scarf, this one I made for myself. At first I was making this scarf as a Christmas present for my brother’s girlfriend, but then I got a better gift idea for her (Sherlock the beagle). I had already done two rows and decided that I absolutely loved the way it was starting to look, so, later, I picked this project up again and made it for myself. I finished it in time for my own birthday and we have been inseparable ever since! 

I love everything about it. I love the texture, I love the colour, I love this yarn, AH. I just love it.

The scarf is pretty long, a little over 2 meters and was made with this gorgeous yarn. This brand is Belgian, so, unfortunately, you can only get it in Belgium. Their online shop also only delivers in Belgium,  the Netherlands, France or Luxembourg.

I like making scarves because they are usually such easy and quick projects and with this one, that was definitely true. The yarn calls for a 8mm hook, but I used a 10mm hook, so it wouldn’t be too tight. I also worked in back loops, to give it that ribbed look.

I made the scarf quite long, because I wanted to be able to wrap it around my neck twice and still have enough length so it wouldn’t unwrap itself (I’m sure you know that problem) and it would just rest nicely on my chest. 

I can also choose to only wrap it around my neck once.

Alright, that’s enough for today. See you!

Crochet Chevron Pouches

I designed these chevron pouches back in December. I wanted to make something using the chevron crochet technique that I could give as an extra present. I had never made a pouch before, but it seemed like a fun and quick project. I was right, with the yarn I used, each pouch only took me two to three hours!

These pouches are not suitable for coins. I tested by putting several small objects in the pouches and shaking them en turning them upside down. None of them fell out immediately, but after doing it several times, two coins did slip out. So, they can be used to store coins, but because it’s closed with a button and not with a zipper, there is a risk of small and heavy things falling out. I’m planning to make a zipper pouch in the future, since I could really use one. They are perfect to hold bigger things, like phones, notebooks, make-up supplies and other. Smaller things that don’t weigh much, earplugs, for example, are perfect, too.

I did design this pouch myself, I might make a tutorial in the future on how to crochet them yourself in which I explain step by step how to get this chevron pattern. If you’re interested, let me know!


Mini Octopus Amigurumi (free crochet pattern)

Hello hello!

I made this cute little pattern in June and have talked about it a lot, but now I’m finally putting it up for you to enjoy!

This pattern is in English and Dutch, if you notice something weird or wrong, tell me, so I can correct it. Share your creations and let me know what you think!

This pattern is perfect for your scraps, since you don’t need that much yarn and it’s a quick project.


English Pattern:

Mini octopus eng


Dutch Pattern:

Mini octopus ned