Sherlock the Beagle

In December I was busy finding and, mainly, making gifts for Christmas. A handmade beagle was one of the gifts I was determined to make. Unfortunately, I could not find any patterns I liked, so I decided to take a pattern for a regular puppy amigurumi and turn it into a beagle.

After a lot of thinking, experimenting, cussing and colour-changing, I managed to make this little guy!

Christmas was already nearing and to come up with an entirely new pattern, with tricky colour changes, seemed too ambitious. That’s why I used an already existing pattern as a base, so I would only have to worry about my colours.

His name is Sherlock 2.0, and he was made for the owner of the actual beagle, named after everyone’s favorite consulting detective. I’m proud to say that he was a great success!

As I said, the colour changing was tricky, and I was just making it up while I was going along. Due to limited time, the end results are not as neat everywhere, but I am very happy with how he turned out.

The base pattern I used was created by Rachel M from You can find the pattern HERE. If you want to make your own beagle, I’m sorry to say you will have to figure it out yourself, since the process was mainly just in my head, and the notes I wrote, would only leave you more confused šŸ™‚