Crochet Chevron Pouches

I designed these chevron pouches back in December. I wanted to make something using the chevron crochet technique that I could give as an extra present. I had never made a pouch before, but it seemed like a fun and quick project. I was right, with the yarn I used, each pouch only took me two to three hours!

These pouches are not suitable for coins. I tested by putting several small objects in the pouches and shaking them en turning them upside down. None of them fell out immediately, but after doing it several times, two coins did slip out. So, they can be used to store coins, but because it’s closed with a button and not with a zipper, there is a risk of small and heavy things falling out. I’m planning to make a zipper pouch in the future, since I could really use one. They are perfect to hold bigger things, like phones, notebooks, make-up supplies and other. Smaller things that don’t weigh much, earplugs, for example, are perfect, too.

I did design this pouch myself, I might make a tutorial in the future on how to crochet them yourself in which I explain step by step how to get this chevron pattern. If you’re interested, let me know!


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