9 free amigurumi monkey patterns: Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year!

2016 is the year of the monkey, so I decided to make a small list of amigurumi monkey patterns for this occasion. They are all 100% free!

The header image was created by freepik, by the way, I thought it was just too cute. You can find it here.

Now, 9 free amigurumi monkey patterns

  1.  Kiko the monkey from All About Amitumblr_inline_o1y1wwTim51qfosqa_500

This adorable little monkey was made by Stephanie from allaboutami.com. Stephanie has been creating a new amigurumi for Chinese New Year every year since 2011. I absolutely love this little monkey!

2. Little Bigfoot Monkey from Amigurumi To Go


These monkeys are precious. Created by Sharon from Amigurumi To Go, they even have a second, bigger option for the ears (as you can see in the picture).

3. Crocheted monkey by ChimuChimu


This creator, originally from Japan, but now living in the UK, has created three monkey patterns. Two for free and one that can be purchased on ravelry. Even though there aren’t that many pictures, I thought these monkeys were adorable, so I’m sharing the pattern here with you!

4. Sock Monkey Amigurumi from Craft Passion


The creator behind Craft Passion does tons of different crafts, but she also has a variety of amigurumi designs, and this is one of them. This monkey was based on the popular Sock Monkey. I think the monkey and use of colours is gorgeous.

5. Charlie Chimp from Crochet en Acción


This pattern comes from the Spanish blog Crochet en Acción. Luckily, the pattern is in English! I love the detailed hands and feet of this chimpansee.

6. Crocheted Monkey from knitted-patterns.comm_047

This monkey might be my personal favourite on the list, I absolutely adore the look of him. Yes, this is a crochet pattern, don’t let the website’s name fool you!

7. Daichiki the monkey from Craft Passion 


Another monkey pattern from Craft Passion. I really like this one because it is very unique.

8. Amigurumi Sock Monkey from Amigurumi To Go


Another amigurumi design based on the sock monkey.

9. Cheeky Little Monkey from Heart and Sew

free pattern monkey

Ah, so adorable! Julie from Heart and Sew created this lovely guy, and I adore him. His facial expression is just too cute!


There you go, I hope this list has helped you if you were looking for a fun and free amigurumi monkey pattern. If you weren’t looking for anything, I hope I have inspired you to pick up your hook and some yarn anyway!

Let me know what you think of this list and happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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