Crocheted ‘knit v’-cowl

Hi there!

It’s been a while, I’ve been so busy with schoolwork that I haven’t even had the chance to post about projects I finished last month.

So, here I am again, with…. another scarf (it’s winter, people). This the third out of four scarves I made over the course of a month. They are just such easy and fast projects, I might be a little addicted.

While making this ribbed scarf for my mother I first discovered that by crocheting half double crochet stitches through back loops, you could create the ‘v’-look that is so typical for knitted projects. I wanted to make a cowl and using this technique seemed like a fun idea.


What I like the most about this stitch, is that it creates two very different sides to your work (see below), so you can turn it inside out if you’re bored with one side.


I made this design up myself, and, like I said, it’s not very hard. Just chain a certain amount of stitches (depending on how long you want it, or what size hook you’re working with), join into a circle with a slip stitch and do half double crochets through back loops. Don’t forget to start each row with two chainstitches and end it with a slip stitch to join the rows.

If you would like to have a clear, step-by-step pattern. I discovered that Stephanie from All About Ami has designed the ‘Triple Luxe Cowl‘, which uses that same technique. The pattern is completely free, so check it out if you are interested!