Snow White Amigurumi Doll

Hi there!

It’s been a while again. I’ve been really busy lately with all sorts of things, but I’m finally here with a post! I actually finished this project early January hehe.. Better late than never, I suppose.

I made my very own Snow White, everybody, and she is too cute.


I was slightly addicted to working on this doll, I did not want to do anything else. I’m very happy with how she turned out!

The hardest part about this project was probably the hair, it consists of 40 (!) small crochet circles. Imagine having to crochet 40 of those, then place them on the head in a way that looks good and then sewing each of them on separately. It’s tedious work, but it has a really fun and original look, so I am proud of myself for finishing it. In the end, I only needed 35 circles. I’m not exactly sure why, maybe because the yarn I used for the head and hair weren’t the same type, maybe because I didn’t let them overlap as much as the pattern actually asked you to do, but who knows.     

This pattern comes from a book called ‘Amigurumi Fairy Tales’ by Tessa Van Riet-Ernst or Woolytoons. I won this book in Dendennis’ monthly #BYAF (Bring Your Amigurumi Friday) contest (check it out!) and I had been waiting to try out a pattern. It’s a lovely book, especially for me, someone who has always adored fairy tales. It’s available in Dutch and English, in case you are interested.

I ended up loving this project more than I expected and was pleasantly surprised by that. Enjoy a bonus picture below, Snow does not always wear her cape, you know.


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  1. Oh my! So glad to have found you through IG !!! Your crochet Snow White is gorgeous! I will be check king the amigurumi fairytales book soon.

    Love and hugs , Elena

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