My Crochet Patterns

These patterns were created by me, a lot of work has been put into them. That is why I want to clearly state what you can and can’t do with them:

You can:   

  • use these patterns to make your own amigurumi
  • share these patterns with everyone
  • sell creations made with these patterns, but in small quantities and if you make sure the credit for designing it goes to me
  • send me pictures of your creations 🙂

You can’t:

  • Re-upload these patterns and claim them as your own
  • Sell these patterns

    January, 2016

    -Mini octopus amigurumi 

    Pattern (English and Dutch)


    October, 2015

    – Vampire

    Pattern (Both English and Dutch)  
    April, 2015

    – Red Devil

    (Dutch pattern / English Pattern)  

    February, 2015

    Valentine’s Day teddybears

      (Dutch pattern / English pattern)