Crochet flower Mother’s Day card!

Hello there!

Since Mother’s Day was last Sunday, I thought I should quickly share the last-minute card that I made for my mother this year! I know Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days all around the world, but nonetheless, I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day, whenever you celebrated it. For those of you who haven’t had their Mother’s Day yet, I hope you’ll have a good one too!

When I say this card was last-minute, I mean last-minute. I finished it, took a quick picture and then went downstairs to hand it to my mother. Now, because it was such a quick project, and, really, all my attention went to the flower, the card isn’t great (I had to find something sturdy enough and quick) and even though I really tried, my handwriting is not great either :’) I was scared that I’d ruined it, but after all, the finished project was really not that bad, and my mother loved it!

Honestly, the flower came out so good that it doesn’t really matter that the rest was a little sloppy. The card now sits on our kitchen table!

By the way, if you were wondering what it says on the card, it just says Happy Mother’s Day in Dutch!


My own crocheted crochet hook case

I have been looking for a nice hook case pattern for a while, and a few days ago I found it! I really like the result:

I added my own touch to it with the butterfly and the flower. The original pattern was also with a button to close the case, but I decided to just use knots of yarn. I finally have a place to store everything now!

It was quite easy and quickly to make, I had a lot of fun with it.


Discovering YouTube tutorials

Thanks to the flu, I have been at home for the past four days, hoping to get better soon. Being sick puts me in a bit of a bad place, thanks to all the previous sicknesses and accidents I’ve had (long story). Luckily, I’m feeling a little better today.

During these past four days, I’ve had some time to kill and some scraps to do something with, so I decided to make some small projects. I was looking for a snowflake pattern, when a video popped up and, believe it or not, I’ve never followed video tutorials for crocheting before. I’m not sure why, but listening to the voice of the person explaining, annoys me a little. I decided to give it a try anyway, and made the small projects you can see on the header picture.
I decided to put links to the videos here, for all of you who are interested in making some of these yourself.


I really just wanted to know how to make these, and now I do 🙂 I used yarn with silver thread to give it more of a snowy effect.
Video tutorial


Poppies are my favourite flowers, they are simple, beautiful and have special meaning, I was so excited when I saw this video tutorial pop up in my recommended.
Video tutorial

Wagon wheel flower

I enjoyed making these a lot because, they are a little bit different than other, layered flowers you can crochet.
Video tutorial


For the roses, I followed two different patterns, to see the others, just scroll down. I wasn’t feeling too good while making this one, so I was not paying a lot of attention to the tutorial, which gave me some problems folding it into a flower at the end, but I just sort of went with it and did my own thing, that’s why it doesn’t look exactly the same as in the tutorial.
Video tutorial


I looked this one up, because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! This is actually a written pattern.


I made these roses after the previous one because I messed that one up a little, and I find that following a written pattern is more clear. They are a little smaller and a little easier than the other one, but I really like both.
Written pattern

I hope you like them! I definitely do. They are really fast and easy, and can be used as decorations for almost anything.
Thanks for reading, I hope you check out my blog and I will see you next time. Ciao!